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River Kwai + Trekking



Located just 129km from Bangkok, Kanchanburi is also a favourite holiday destination for Bangkokians and other Thais residing in the central region.

Most foreigners when they think of Kanchanaburi they think of the River Kwai Bridge and the history of the Second World War. Kanchanaburi however, has so much more in the way of waterfalls, mountains, dams, fishing, boating, trekking and cave exploration. Sai Yok National Park is very popular.

The province is most famous for The Bridge Over the River Kwai, which was built next to the town of Kanchanaburi crossing the Mae Klong river. The Death Railway ran all the way from the Kwae river valley up to the Three Pagodas Pass. Today only the lowest part of the railway to Nam Tok is still in use. In Kanchanaburi city, there is a war museum and a large cemetery of prisoners of war who died during construction of the Death Railway.

Nine Army War History national park (Uttayan Haeng Chart Songkram Kao Tab) located at Ladya field, Tambon Chongsadao. It's around 40 kilometers from Kanchanaburi downtown. This place has provided historical evidence of the nine army war. The nine army war was the war between King Rama I of Thailand and King Padung of Burma. The war ended as a victorious one for Thailand.

Kanchanaburi War Cemetery (Don Rak) ( The immaculately maintained cemetery contains the remains of 6,982 Allied POWs who perished during the construction of the ( Death Railway ). Its settings remind visitors of the war and its after-effects.

Death Railway , the strategic railway tracks began from Nong Pla Duk Station in Amphoe Ban Pong, Ratchaburi, and ran via Kanchanaburi across the Khwae Yai River, westbound to the Three Pagodas Pass, to end at Thanbuyuzayat in Burma. The total distance within the Thai territory was 300 km., taking only one year to complete from October 1942 to October 1943. After the war, some part of the tracks was demolished and some submerged under the lake of Khao Laem Dam.

Star Watching Kirdkao Observatory situated in Tambon Lum Rang, is a place to gain knowledge about stars and nature. A corner for star-watching is arranged, an observatory in a dome shape and accommodation in a capsule shape.

Forest Trekking Sangkhla Buri Jungle Trek This service is offered to tourists by hotels in Amphoe Sangkhla Buri. The programme starts with rowing boats along Huai Song Ka Lia, riding elephants and rafting.

Mountain Biking Mountain Biking is very common along routes in the province to any tourist attractions to experience the beautiful geographical features of Kanchanaburi.

Rafting, Canoeing, White Water Rafting are also very common along various routes such as Noi River, Kwae River Song Ka Lia River.

Elephant Trekking Kanchanaburi has many elephant camps providing elephant trekking.

Bird Watching In Kanchanaburi bird-watching is done at national parks that consist of fertile ecology that is suitable to be birdsเน€เธ™โ‚ฌเน€เธ˜ย™เน‚ย‚เธŒเน€เธ™โ‚ฌเน€เธ˜ย˜เธขย™เน€เธ™ย‚เธขย‚เน€เธ˜ยŒเน€เธ™โ‚ฌเน€เธ˜ย™เน‚ย‚เธŒเน€เธ™โ‚ฌเน€เธ˜ย˜เธขย˜เน€เธ˜เธ‚เธขย™เน€เธ™โ‚ฌเน€เธ˜ย˜เน€เธ˜ย‚เน€เธ˜เธ‚เธขย‚เน€เธ™โ‚ฌเน€เธ˜ย™เน‚ย‚เธŒเน€เธ™โ‚ฌเน€เธ˜ย˜เธขย™เน€เธ˜เธ‚เธขย‚เน€เธ™โ‚ฌเน€เธ˜ย˜เน€เธ˜ย‚เน€เธ˜เธ‚เธขย‚เน€เธ™โ‚ฌเน€เธ˜ย™เน‚ย‚เธŒเน€เธ™โ‚ฌเน€เธ˜ย˜เธขย˜เน€เธ˜เธ‚เธขยŒเน€เธ™โ‚ฌเน€เธ˜ย™เน‚ย‚เธŒเน€เธ™โ‚ฌเน€เธ˜ย˜เธขย˜เน€เธ™โ‚ฌเน€เธ˜ย˜เธขย‚เน€เธ™โ‚ฌเน€เธ˜ย˜เน€เธ˜ย‚เน€เธ˜เธ‚เธขย™ habitat. Well-known sites for bird-watching are as follows:

Kanchanaburi Province

06.30 Pick up from various hotels in Bangkok and depart for Kanchanaburi.
09.30 Arrive in Kanchanaburi,home well know of the bridge over the River Kwai.The allied prisoners of World War II Cemetery,who perished while building the Dearth railway,visit to The World War II museum Bridge over the River KWAI to look at surrounding .Take a ride through history on the Death Railway Train,passing lush forest scenery.
13.00 Arrived to "Nam Tok" station,minibus take to KITTI RAFT & Restaurant,have lunch on Floating (about 1.30 hrs.)
14.30 Visit to " SAI YOK NOI" waterfall,free for personal leisure.
15.15 Depart from waterfall come back to Bangkok.
Before 19.00 pm. Arrive Bangkok and transfer to your hotel


Period : Full Day Tour
Join group price (baht) : 1,500

1.Transfer roundtrip by Minivan A/C
2.Train ticket on Death Railway + Museum Ticket
3.Lunch at floating restaurant
4.Elephant riding ( approx. 30 mintutes )
4.Elephant riding
5.Bamboo Ralfting
7.English speaking guide
8.Musiem's ticket

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